Carolina Jacome Steffens SANA Counselling (English & Spanish)
Richmond, Epsom & South West London

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My Approach

I see counselling and psychotherapy as an invitation to go within yourself, with the intention to heal and understand your self and the dynamics of the relations you are participant in. During all my years of practice I have learned that very often the root of all suffering and pain, comes from being in a fight within ourselves, from not having forgiven ourselves and for allowing our internal judges to take over us.

As a Systemic Practitioner I believe that the systems, groups, relationships and the context where they happen, play a large part in shaping who we are and how we live our lives. Therefore, I believe that problems and symptoms arise within these relationships, instead of being embedded in individuals. I work with an approach that externalises the problems and empowers the clients to understand how they can influence positively what they are living and overcome these issues by themselves.

I have been deeply influenced by recent spiritual approaches which promote being in the present and loving yourself as you are. I believe we constantly try to go back to the past or think too much about the future, and more and more forget about experiencing the present. In my counselling sessions I will invite you initially to pause and breathe. To connect to the present moment here and now in therapy and also to embrace and accept yourself with what you bring and just as you are. I use meditation techniques with children and adults with the aim of preparing us every session for the amazing and enriching journey of therapy.

I believe that the way we see and interpret our experience influences our feelings and emotions. Therefore, I will explore with you what has brought you to therapy and what this means to you. We will find different ways of healing, having in mind that everything happens in relation to something or someone else, and that we live in systems which shape who we are.

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Type of Clients I see

* Children and young people

* Adults

* Families (Mum-dad & child/young people)

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